Glover, VT 2011

August 12th, 2011

by Ken Paquette

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Ann Morin found this wonderful home on the internet and thought that it would be the ideal place for a vacation for some cyclonauts.

My wife Marianne and I were invited along with Don and Meredith Sullivan, Lorraine Toothill, Mary Manning and Of course Paul was one of the group. Mary was unable to make the first half of the week and we were fortunate to have Julie Miles join us through Wednesday.

The house rental began on Saturday July 30 however, Ann and myself started the trip on bikes from Chicopee, MA. Norm Piquette accompanied us  until the Donut Man in Hadley. Irv Friedman. left from his home in Suffield, CT. met us there and would ride with us to White River Junction, VT. Marianne and Dian Friedman driving their own vehicles would meet us at the Best Western after doing their own exploring.

Thursday July 30. Chicopee to Keene, NH

Thus the journey began riding up routes 47 and 63 to our first stop in Keene, NH with a stop for lunch in Northfield. WE had dinner that evening in Waxy O’Connor’s.  It was a pleasant Day.

Friday July 29. Keene, NH to White River Junction, VT

It looked like it was going to be another nice day and we were anxious to ride. We had a little glitch at that start as I took us on route 12 instead of 12A. However, after about 2 miles we were on the correct course that proved to be very scenic with a few hills. In Alstead, NH we came upon the local animal pound. When livestock would stray they would be brought here to be claimed by the owner.  Riding through Lebanon was scary to say the least. It was rush hour, shopping centers on both sides of the street with road construction. There was barely enough room for us even though we were hugging the curve and avoiding the car mirrors. I would definitely avoid this two mile portion of the route if I ever did it again. We arrived in White River Junction for our second night. Dian and Marianne were  there waiting for us. Dian and Irv would leave us at this point and drive to Lake Champlain to vacation with friends. That evening Ann, Marianne and myself had dinner at the Elixir a restaurant in an old refurbished factory. Ann noted that all the waitresses were absolutely gorgeous. Good thing she pointed that out or I wouldn’t have noticed. The food and service was also great and we would highly recommend the place.

DSC01908   DSC01912

Saturday July 30, White River Junction to Glover, VT

For the second day in a row I briefly led us in the wrong directions but once on the right path we were on great roads. North of Hanover we left route 10 and rode on River road. We both agreed it was one of the nicest roads we ever rode bikes on. It was a cyclists’ paradise and we saw 30-35 other riders on this 10 mile stretch along the Connecticut river .  We passed trough Lyme Orford, Fairlee etc. Actually we must have blinked since we didn’t see much of these communities.  Ann and I were beginning to feel a bit tired, just then Marianne called on her cell. She had found some waster fall that she had been searching for for the past three or four years. By coincidence she was only a few miles from us in Bradford, VT. We met her and had lunch at the “Perfect Pair”. After lunch we loaded both bikes into the van and headed for Glover. We decided to drive using the route that I planned. after several miles we were unable to locate one of the turns that were on the cue sheet. If we rode our bikes there’s a chance that we may have got lost and happy that we opted to use the van. In two days I routed us on two wrong starts and a road that wasn’t there. would anyone like me to plan a route for your vacation? We arrived at our destination, Lorraine was there and soon after Paul, Don Ann Meredith arrived. The looks even better than the online photo.

DSC01917 gardner chair and vermont 2011 060

River Rd. north of Hanover.            End of our bike journey in Bradford, VT

clover Vt day 2 Sunday 035  clover Vt day 2 Sunday 016

clover Vt day 2 Sunday 013 clover Vt day 2 Sunday 070

Our vacation home for a week, nothing to sneeze at. View from the porch and residence geese.

Sunday July 31

Today everyone rode with a stop in Barton, VT. the rest of the day was leisurely with people just lying around reading etc. It was the Sullivans’ night to prepare dinner, sword fish was the entre, it was delicious. Julie Miles arrived.  clover Vt day 2 Sunday 011

   What a great day   

 clover Vt day 2 Sunday 033 Glover Vermont day 3 012

First vacation ride. I think she’s explaining how she drove from Amherst to Glover in record time.

Monday Aug 1

Today was a short riding day, about 27 miles. the areas that we covered were Hardwick, E. Craftsbury, Greensboro and a view of Caspian Lake.



Panorama stitched from 7 pictures

DSC01949  DSC01931 

Ann had a great eye for finding sani-cans when needed.

DSC01941Roof garden, sprinkler too.

Tuesday August 2

Today was a remote start beginning at Derby at the summer home of Ken and Paula Wayne on Lake Memphremagog. A beautiful spot right on the bike trail. They joined us for lunch at “Millie’s Diner” in Stanstead, QC. You have to dine there to appreciate the cuisine. It’s an experience that is hard to describe.  We only rode about 11 miles today however, an extremely enjoyable day.

Glover Vermont day 4 044  Glover Vermont day 4 021


Wednesday August 3

Mary Manning arrived today, happy to have her join us. This was a hiking day. It was a lot of climbing but the views were spectacular. We hiked the Moose Mt. and Wheeler pond trails. Ken and Paula joined us. It was Julie’s last day, too bad she had to leave.

DSC01957 DSC01960


DSC01966  A long way down if you slip.

Thursday August 4

Another great day to bike. We rode around Lake Willoughby.  Paul drove Marianne around looking for photo ops.  Tonight’s dinner was steak done to perfection by Paul. I believe we may have eaten and drank too much during our stay in Glover. Ken and Paula joined us. Truly a nice couple we enjoyed spending time with. This evening we met Arthur, the house caretaker who joined us for desert. A man who has loads of knowledge about the area.

DSC01977  DSC01974  

DSC01979   Glover VT day 6 002

Friday August 5

Today, Mary and Paul retraced yesterday’s bike trip in hope of finding Mary’s lost watch, no luck. Don and Meredith took a long walk, Ann and Lorraine did a bit of kayaking, Marianne and I took the van and explored some of the back roads. Everyone began to just wind down, Mary and Ann played Scrabble (we didn’t detect any serious cheating). Tonight we went for pizza at the Parker Pie Factory (pretty good pizza). The place is really out in the boonies.

DSC01933  30.2 Glover VT day 6 017      Glover VT day 6 022

Saturday August 6

All good things come to an end thus we packed up the cars, pickedup the house, said our so longs and hoped that we could do something just as nice again. Then, we were on our way with memories.


The Glover country store is like no other that I have been in and deserves a few photos.

Glover Vermont day 3 089  Glover Vermont day 3 072  Glover Vermont day 3 050 

 Glover Vermont day 3 079            Glover Vermont day 3 083    Glover Vermont day 3 097

Note the grenade launcher in the last picture.


June 15th, 2011

25 sep Alt 01Several years ago Ken Cook produced a publication in which he reviewed the cyclonauts club’s activities that occurred during that year. If I remember correctly, he distributed it at the annual banquet, back then it was held in January. I decided to copy Ken Cook’s idea with a blog version of the “Year in Review”. I choose some of the many photos that are on the website’s Gallery to jog your memories. I attempted to include as many members as I could however, there are very few pictures from the Saturday traditional rides. Since it is only available online, please share it with those interested members that do not have access to the internet.

Happy New Year
Ken Paquette,


The Hiking Season Jan, Feb and March 2010

 P1010615            27 Jan Wed 008
Sat Jan 2 A bit of snow
     Wed Jan 27 at a change in the weather

10 Feb 09               17 Feb 09
Wed. Feb 10 Homestead trail and
Wed 17 Feb McCann Farm trail

10 March 06      10 March 12
Wednesday March 10, Heuberlein Tower

P1010853     P1010845
Saturday March 20 Hike Mt Norwottuck

24 march 05  24 march 15
Wednesday March 24, Granville State forest

!cid_DD55BCDD-1EAB-4BF5-8F58-F609FD419E8D@hsd1_ma_comcast_net      !cid_74961EF6-30B1-4300-A447-E9ABD6656F5D@hsd1_ma_comcast_net
Wed March 31, hike Soapstone Mountain and picnic

Annual Banquet
Held at Salvatore’s Restaurant

2010 Banquet 01   2010 Banquet 02  2010 Banquet 07

2010 Banquet 26  2010 Banquet 17  2010 Banquet 09

2010 Bicycling Season

DSC01204 DSC01217
April 10 alternate ride, the Granby Oak

24apr14    24apr19
April 24, Alternate ride, checking out the dinosaur tracks off route 5 in Holyoke.

05 may 04  05 may 05 05 may 07
Wed May 5

16 may 01 16 may 03  16 may 05
Sunday May 16

09 June Wed02    12 June Saturday 02   12 June Sat 03
Wed June 9                    Sat June 12 Quabbin to Burgundy Brook

30 Jun Wed04 30 Jun Wed07
Wed June 30

03 July Alt 003 03 July Alt 001  07 July Wed.06
Jul 3, Alternate Ride  Granville                            Wed July 6

10 July Alt 01                              18 July Sunday 01
July 10 Vinnie just got the bill.                  Sunday July 18

Annual Picnic
At the home of Susan Marsh

2010 Picnic 001  2010 Picnic 004  2010 Picnic 010

2010 Picnic 005  2010 Picnic 010  2010 Picnic 014

2010 rides Continued

21 Jul Wed 02               28 July 02
Wed July 21                    Wed July 28

31 July Sat Alternate ride 001             11 Aug 02
Sat July 31                                          Wed Aug 11

11 Aug 01  14aug Alt 02      007
Wed Aug 11                 Sat Aug 14 Alternate     Sat Aug 21 Alternate

01 Sept Wed 10 08 Sept Wed 06
Wed Sept 1                    Wed Sep 8

P9110218 P9110236 P9110185
Sept. 11 Sat traditional ride

19 Sept. Club Century 001  19 Sept. Club Century 008  19 Sept. Club Century 009
Sept. 19 Club Century

15 Sept Wed  03  25 Sept Alt 04
Wed Sept 15                   Sat Sept 25

2010-10-02_10-53-17          09 Oct sat alt 01             100_2169
Sat Oct 2                   Oct 9 big tree revisited.         Sun Oct 17

DSC01638  07 Nov mt bike ride 11 07 Nov mt bike ride 03
Oct 31 Quabbin Enfield lookout               Sun Nov 7 Mt Bike Ride

November and December 2010 Hikes

03 Nov Wed 03  06 Nov Sat 09
Wed Nov 3 Mt Monadnock              Sat Nov 6 Dewey Hill

06 Nov Hike #2 Sat 002 10 nov 29 011
Nov 6 #2 hike                     Wed Nov 10            Sat Nov 13

20 Nov Sat Hike 009 24 Nov 02 04 Dec Sat 13
Sat Nov 20            Wed 24 Nov                   Sat Dec 4

04 Dec Sat 01    30 Jun Wed02
Sat Dec 4                        Ken and Irene Sherman have to be the envy
of octogenarians with their energy, not only
to ride and hike but also to lead them.
Dec 08 Wed 05    Dec 18 Sat 03  Dec 22 Wed 14
     Wed Dec 8 Wendell           Sat Dec 18           Wed Dec 22 Robert
Frost Trail

A Banner Year

In my opinion the club had a productive year. For many of our newer members, I think an introduction to our officers and chairpersons is appropriate.

18 July Sunday 11    04 Dec Sat 14         16 may 05
Liz Sturgen president          Ann Morin            Les Prentice
secretary            treasurer

19 Sept. Club Century 001      P9110202         31 Oct Sun 01
Pete Munk Spoke        Ken Blair circulation           Mady Schorsh at large
Notes Editor                Manager                            with Susan Strange,
Don Sullivan and Mary
Ann Siron who are
pictured elsewhere.

The ride and hike chairs make this all happen and they really need your support in 2011 in order to have another successful year. Contact them  to volunteer to lead a ride or hike.

04 Dec Sat 06                    11 Aug 14
Meredith Sullivan Sat.      Charlie Allsop Wednesday rides
traditional and Sunday

07 Nov mt bike ride 01       01 Sept Wed 07      004
Saturday “alternate” ride organizers Susan Strange, Irv Friedman and Betty Radiwilowicz

20 Nov Sat Hike 002             10 nov 23
Suzanne Fitz-Gibbon                 Mary Ann Siron Wednesday Hike
Saturday Hike Chair                  Chair. Mary Ann also does an out-
standing job taking 90% of the
pictures that are posted on the

A special thanks to all those individuals that volunteered to lead rides and hikes During 2010.

During 2010 cyclonauts mourned the loss of three wonderful ladies, June Hoerle, Mary Libby and Marion Gorham. They will be missed.

alt   alt   IMG_0004

    04 Dec Sat 01During the end of the year we were happy to see Don Sullivan back on his bike and hiking.  We are encouraged that he is recovering from his injury and  looking forward to seeing him often during 2011.

There it is. Can you believe how quickly 2010 passed.

Finally, 2011 will be my last year as webmaster and to manage the club’s database. went online during the spring of 2000, a few years later the “Gallery” was added that has over the years hosted thousands of photos. Judging from the number of hits, the Gallery is a very popular part of our website. Later the rides and hike schedules were posted, and then, the entire Spoke Notes was added for viewing and printing allowing for considerable cost savings for the club.

With no web knowledge, developing the website was a challenging experience. Armed with the Microsoft FrontPage manual, lots of help of my daughter Lynn, son in-law Nigel and the encouragement of the club’s members, the result turned out to be a rewarding experience. I believe the new webmaster will have fresh ideas that will allow the website to evolve even further. Any interested persons can contact either me or Liz Sturgen for further information.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year with many safe hikes and rides.


New England Tour 2008

August 15th, 2008

by Ken Paquette

Don Sullivan, Irv Freidman, Ray Siwinski and myself have been planning this tour since April. About two weeks before the tour we received the terrible news that Don Sullivan received a serious injury while at work and would be unable to ride.

When Irv phoned me, that we would have to cancel the tour, I was stunned because of Don’s injury and that our plans were not to be. Our first thought was to check the cancellation policies. After checking the reservations we noted that there were two B&Bs, if they were not notified within two days we would loose the total cost of those accommodations.

I sat down with a pad and pen and wrote down our options. 1 Cancel.  2 I cold not come up with a 4th person on such short notice. 3 Drive the van every third day. or 4 Ask my wife Marianne if she would be willing to drive the van and meet us at that evening’s lodging. She jumped at the opportunity to use this time to take pictures, paint and draw the awesome scenery that would present itself.

Later that day I presented the 4th option for Irv to ponder. He phoned back about 20 minutes later and said that “if Marianne was willing to drive, we would be crazy not to accept and be able to ride every day”. He phoned Ray for his thoughts, he agreed and the trip was on.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Day 1: Saturday Aug. 2, 2008

Day one got off to a nice start with with a group photo.

We stopped for breakfast in Huntington, then continued up route 20 to route 8 to  a great route on County Rd. We encountered precipitation for the final ten miles however, it was warm and never dampened our spirits. Our route was about 5 miles shorter than Google calculated.

This evening we dined at Michaels in Stockbridge.

Marianne to had a good day taking pictures and exploring the backroads on her way to meeting us here at the motel. She determined that having a GPS in the van is a great way to explore back roads without getting lost.

Day 2: Sunday August 3, Lee, MA to Bennington, VT

A beautiful day to ride a bicycle,cool and slightly overcast. We headed to Williamstown taking in every bit of the scenery NE tour 006 NE tour 027

Of course all this riding and climbing required us to replenish our energy. In Williamstown we came across this outdoor restaurant that consisted of six outdoor tables.   NE tour 033

After this great lunch we located the Williams College Museum of Art to absorb a bit of culture. NE tour 010

Time wise this worked out well as it began to rain just as we arrived and finished before leaving.

We found out that even though Google said we could, that “you can’t get there from here”. The paved road ended at the Entering Vermont sign and riding a bit the next turn on our cue sheet was never to be. NE tour 034.1 NE tour 036 We stopped a young man riding a dirt bike who said that the road did not go through and what was ahead, was nothing more than a jeep trail. Since we’re on vacation nothing bothers us and we just retraced back to route 7 and continued on to the Motel. The clouds rolled in NE tour 038

and we got rained on for the second day in a row. Fortunately the shower was very brief.

When we arrived at the motel, Marianne had the luggage in our room, beer on ice, grapes, crackers and cheese for a pre dinning snack. I think we’re getting spoiled. We completed the day with a wonderful meal at a hometown style restaurant.

Day 3: Tues. Aug. 5, Bennington, VT to Lake George, NY

Another fantastic day of riding. We left the motel and shortly crossed into NY state.    We stopped at the Bennington Battlefield Day 3 015 that is in NY. We were early and thought that we would wait until opened. Since it did not open on time we continued on our way. Irv and I had a bit of nostalgia in Cambridge, NY. We stayed at this hotel 17 years ago on our Bonjour Tour with Paul Guertin, Ann Morin, Paul Griffin, Lorraine Toothill, Joanne with Ellen driving the van.

Day 3 017 Day 3 016

We picked up the 9 mile bike trail in Glenn Falls that took us to Lake George and our motel. Again, Marianne came through with beer and snacks waiting us. Dinner was at Marios since we felt the need or pasta.

Day 4: Wed. Aug., 5 Lake George, NY to Vergennes, VT

What can I say? Another wonderful day of riding and observed scenery that a camera cannot capture. We left Lake George and after about 16 miles, we had what I consider a major climb. When got to the scenic outlook a couple that we me at the previous night’s motel who were on a motorcycle, stopped and made he comment “we really felt for you guys when we saw you climbing”.  Lost 020B

We stopped in Hague and bought a grinder at a country store and ate it on a park bench by a brook. Life is good.

Town park and beach in Hague Lost 024B

The nice scenery just continues to roll by Day 4 016

We stopped to observe a nest of osprey with adults and young.Day 4 005

When riding the scenery just seems to improve. After 68 miles we arrived at our nights stay at the Strong House Inn. The inn quite large and tastefully decorated with bicycle carriage shed for our bikes. Lost 051B Day 4 017

Our evening dinner was at the Black Sheep Restaurant. The service and meal were the best so far and a place that we would highly recommend if you are in Vergennes, VT.

Day 5: Aug. 6, Vergennes, VT to Stowe, VT

We woke to heavy rain this morning. After checking the weather forecast and rain and thunderstorms were predicted for the day, we decided that it would be best to revise our route and eliminate the gap. We did luck out with only a few showers. The route wasn’t nearly pretty as the previous days however, after talking with Marianne who drove the original route, I know that we made the right decision. She mentioned the road was narrow, steep and negotiating the switchbacks would have been even more dangerous with the washed down gravel that was on the road. She even refuses to drive it in a car again.

We arrive at the golden Eagle Inn about 20 minutes ahead of a thunder storm.

I Didn’t take any photos today due to the inclement weather.

Day 6: Aug. 7, Stowe, VT to Newport, VT

Doppler radar looks good and we’re confident of getting in another great day of riding. Last evening Irv and I spoke with an avid cyclist from Montreal who rode the Notch. We are definitely not in his class. He told us about an alternate route that proved to be much more scenic with less traffic than our original planned route. Day 6.1

After yesterday’s transition day that had limit ed scenery, abundant scenic views reappeared. The highlight of the day was a beautiful water fall that Ray spotted. Day 6 013.1 Day 6 8.1 Day 6 4.1

Just as we were getting ready to leave the area the sky opened up. Luckily we were able to get shelter in one of those big white tents that they use for receptions. Day 6 28.1 The rain stopped and we were on our way dodging the bullet. However, after about ten more miles the sky darkened again and heavy rain began to fall. Luck smiled on us again as there was a truck garage (of sorts) that kept us dry.

Day 6 32.1

Marianne chose tonight’s restaurant, the Cow Palace that is an actual elk farm.

NE tour day 6 m9.1

Marianne, Irv and Ray had elk burgers. I was conservative and had scrod.

I was told that it has rained 32 days in a row. We have stayed relatively dry. Let’s hope that our fortune of staying dry continues.

Day 7: Aug. 8, Newport/Derby Line, VT to St. Johnsbury, VT

Riding in the hot sun has not been much of a problem on this tour. Six of the seven days, we have been rained on. However, our spirits were never dampened. This morning we drove to the Louis Garneau factory outlet to check out what they had to offer. Irv bought a rack pack. By the end of the day it did not look new after riding in the rain. The rain let up and we left the motel for Derby line and the library/opera house that is in both the US and Canada. Marianne met us there.

Day 7 008

The ornate trim under the balcony

Day 7 005

A spectacular chandelier hung from a very high ceiling.

Day 7 006

After a tour of the opera house we decided that we should have lunch, after all we rode about 8.5 miles ;-) Some people recommended Millie’s, just over the border in Stnastead, Canada.

Day 7 012 Day 7 010

Day 7 011

What a pleasant surprise. No menu the waiter told us what was being served that day and we made our choices. First off we were brought this delicious bread with a dish of oil and another with mixed herbs and spices. After a couple of refills of bread, he brougt out a very nice salad that was followed by a very large portion of our entree. After eating all of this and feeling stuffed out came the desert. A delicate cake served with ice cream. Even though we were very full and relaxed we decided we should start our 50 mile trek to St. Johnsbury.

We were not on the road very long and the rain started. I think it must have rained about 35 of the 59 miles however, the last 15 miles were dry. The motel was a welcome site. Because of the rain we didn’t take many pictures.

Day 8: Aug. 9, St. Johnsbury, VT to Lincoln, NH

Day 8 001B

Today we actually saw some sun. Before leaving the grit and dried mud was removed from the bike and lube the chain.

More photos to make all of you envious of our journey in spite of the rain that we had here and there.

NE Tour day 8 019 Day 8 012 Day 8 010B

Day 8 011

We got on our way and before long we were on the Kangamangus Highway

Day 8 014 Day 8 019B

All the rain provided some spectacular water photos.

Day 8 002B

We arrived at our motel, had an early dinner and headed off to meet our Moose Tour.

Day 8 021 day 8 moose tour 002

Day 9: Aug. 10, Lincoln, NH Rest Day

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast and did laundry. Later in the morning Ray headed off to do some shopping in Lincoln and got great bargains on wind pants and a thermal shirt. Marianne did some painting and Irv and I headed to the Flume at Franconia State Park.

Day 9 005B Day 9 006B Day 9 008 Day 9 020B

Tonight, we celebrated Marianne’s birthday a very nice restaurant called Gordi’s. Back on the road tomorrow hoping for good weather.

Day 11: Naples, ME to Kennebunk, ME

Guess what we woke to this morning, you got it RAIN. We were confident that it would clear by noon.

Ray checking to make certain that nothing was forgotten. NE tour day 11 006bNE tour day 11 009b

On the road again

After about 28 miles the rain cleared out, we removed our rain gear and had an enjoyable ride for about 44 miles.

Some of the sights along the way

Day 11 001B Day 11 003

Day 11 002 Day 11 005B

Day 12: Aug. 13, Kennebunk, ME to Hampton Falls, NH

We woke this morning to a strange sight, blue skies and sun.

NE Tour Day 12 004B Note the shadows

On today’s ride we followed the coast much of the time. Day 12 007B Day 12 009B

Anyone that has done the Tri State century will recognize these pictures.

Day 12 011B Day 12 012B

Stopped at the Fort Constitution in Portmouth. Day 12 013B Day 12 014B Day 12 017

NE Tour Day 12 056B NE Tour Day 12 051B

Marianne visited this museum and came across this antique plow made in Chicopee.

This evening we ate at the Old Salt. The end to a great tour.

Day 13: Aug 14, Our Drive Home and Ray’s ride to Belchertown & Suffield

Irv, Marianne and I drove home today. Ray left before we woke this morning and bicycled to Belchertown. He had a safe and uneventful ride arriving around 4:30 PM. Tomorrow, he will continue on to Suffield, CT, completing the the entire route by bike.

Although, we had rain at one time or other eight of the eleven days, the trip was totally enjoyable. We did have some climbs but much less than I anticipated. Having Marianne drive the van was a big plus.  we were able to travel relatively light and the beer and snacks were waiting for us at the end of each day.

Bike touring even in the middle of summer requires taking a variety of clothing. Rain gear (jacket and pants), hollow core (Thermax) undershirt, extra pair of cycling shoes. I was happy that I had a pair of “wind stopper” long finger  gloves since my hands get numb when wet. Extra tubes and even a tire. Again, unless you have a touring bike with panniers, you do need a vehicle to carry the clothing that you need to be comfortable even when using motels.

My advice, get some riders talking, pick out a trip, plan the route thoroughly, prepare yourself and just do it.